who we are

We are a team that shares a true passion for Web3, particularly early-stage projects.

We started out as investors then began to produce content and grow communities within the Web3 ecosystem.

Meet Our team


Why hire Web2 agencies masquerading as Web3 when you can get the real deal?

We have invested early stage. We have built our own channels. We have grown our own community. We truly are web3.

Web3 Marketing and PR

Web3 is a minefield of ineffective exposure channels - resulting in wasted budgets & poor results. We put targeted strategies and tactics in place to maximize impact and growth.

Community & Social

Growing and cultivating an engaged community is one of the most valuable and challenging tasks in Web3. Regardless of the channel, we drive growth and produce quality content that resonates with your niche audience.

Token Launches

Launch strategy can make or break a project. We have analysed hundreds of projects pre-TGE and our highly specialised and experienced team will identify your critical success factors.

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