Community Growth & Management

Interlock is dedicated to creating an ecosystem of community-driven security products for the Web3 world. As the first decentralized security platform focused on blockchain security, the company seeks to become a forum for risk awareness and aversion. With a full roadmap and Phase 2 development underway, Interlock is well on its way to fulfilling plans for token private and public sales as well as developing integral partnerships throughout the industry to further its mission.

The Challenge

Interlock’s community-driven approach with its early stage Web3 project required robust investment of time and energy into community engagement. However, the growing team remained limited in resources for these critical activities as the company moved from Inception and Validation to Community Growth on its aggressive roadmap. Their goal was to continue to build their social media and online presence with attention on fostering the right kinds of conversations around their business priorities.

The right solution would be one that helped develop this community while also understanding the unique culture and awareness needed for a Web3 audience. “We were growing our internal team but needed a stop gap to help us grow our community and social presence,” said Andrew Ciaccia, Chief Marketing Officer, Interlock. “Any outside support would also need to understand our industry since cybersecurity isn’t the most exciting topic to talk about.”

The Solution

Interlock was put in touch with the team at Altcoin Edge, an agency dedicated to Web3 marketing and community building. From the start of discussions, it became clear that Altcoin Edge adeptly understood the nuances of the cybersecurity and crypto communities, which are often grown from scratch and curated for specialized niches. “As an early-stage project and community, we were looking to leverage connections and build from the ground up,” said Ciaccia. With Altcoin Edge, Interlock was able to do just that by relying on an existing community and connections to build a specialized one of their own.

The Altcoin Edge team was tasked with filling the gaps in staffing for Interlock to supplement their efforts to build a connected and highly engaged community. The pairing became synergistic since Altcoin Edge is a truly Web3 native company with its roots deep in crypto investment and community connection management. “They had the knowledge coupled with the willingness and drive to work with companies and projects they know can be successful,” said Ciaccia.

Altcoin Edge revamped and revitalized community growth with activities centered directly on cultivation through Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Telegram, AMAs, and Twitter Spaces. Various marketing events helped to promote Interlock’s offering to the right targets online to increase sign ups and engagement figures. From the ground up, Altcoin Edge helped set up the initial communities to appeal to the correct audiences and worked on strategies to drive traffic to the appropriate channels. “We got some really good, high-quality community members from Altcoin Edge promoting us,” said Ciaccia. “They are not ‘wen token’ members but people who really wanted to invest in a project and learn.”

The Result

Interlock began to see true organic growth when it came to their most viable social media communities as a result of their engagement with Altcoin Edge. These results were measured in genuine audience members with true engagement with the brand and its mission. “A lot of agencies focus on the numbers within a short period of time but then bring in fake audiences and lack engagement and organic growth tactics,” said Ciaccia. “That was not the case at all with Altcoin Edge.”

The emphasis for both teams was on quality versus quantity, but numbers proved to be fruitful on both fronts. A truly evangelist community began to take shape for Interlock as Altcoin Edge’s campaigns continued to roll out across platforms. Content took a variety of forms including video, which was used not only to engage with a broader audience but also to fill additional job requisitions that were available on the team by resonating with the right people in the right places.

“It’s not necessarily just boosting your follower numbers; it’s also about getting your engagement up,” said Ciaccia. Altcoin Edge targeted influencer channels as well as cutting edge communities to cross-promote Interlock content in a way that was engaging and enticing not just for new viewers but for the right kind of viewers.

In the first 12 weeks of its marketing campaign via Altcoin Edge, Interlock experienced over 15,000 new sign ups and record figures when it came to social media followings. Twitter experienced nearly a two thousand percent increase jumping from 215 to over 4,300 followers. Telegram and Discord followed with similar percent improvements, with Telegram going from just 130 members to over 2,500 in just three months. “Going from zero to a couple hundred or a couple thousand is probably the hardest part of growing your community, and Altcoin Edge knew how to get us there,” said Cicaccia

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